Test Capability
Test Hardware/Load Board Development
  • Design and generate schematic
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Load board construction (hand wire type)
Test Software Development
  • Develop test program from scratch based on datasheet
  • Develop Test Solution and create test plan
  • Test Program Migration or conversion
Qualification & correlation of new test program and load board
  • Design and generate schematic
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Load board construction (hand wire type)
Experience in the following product types
  • Analog Switches, Video Amplifier, Step Down Converter
  • Voltage Regulator/Reference (FT and Wafer Probing), Switching Regulator
  • HV Current Sensing Single Driver, MOSFET Driver
  • Low Power Thermostat, Linear Battery Charger Controller, Temperature Sensor
  • Discrete (FET, Diode, Thyristor)
Electrical Test Capability - Discrete Device
Standard DC TestDC High Voltage TestDC High Current Test
Device TypeMeasurement RangeForcing RangeMeasurement RangeForcing RangeMeasurement RangeForcing Range
FET20A / 1000V20A / 1000V10mA / 3KV10mA / 3KV10A / 20V200A / 25V
Transistor20A / 1000V20A / 1000V10mA / 3KV10mA / 3KV20V200A / 25V
Thyristor200mA / 1000V20A / 1000V10mA / 3KV10mA / 3KV20V200A
Opto-coupler200mA / 1000V20A / 1000VNANANANA
Voltage Regulator20A / 20V20A / 80VNANANANA
Diode10mA / 1000V20A / 1000V10mA / 3KV10mA / 3KV20V200A
Electrical Test Capability
HIPOT / Withstanding Voltage Testing
ACW Voltage TestDCW Voltage Test
Forcing RangeMeasurement RangeForcing RangeMeasurement Range
0.0kV - 5.5kV0.01mA - 110mA0.0kV - 6.2kV0.01mA - 110mA
Switching Test
Unclamped Inductive Switching (UIS Test)
Current RangeVoltage RangeLoad Inductance Range
DCW Voltage Test0.0kV - 6.2kV0.01mA - 110mA
TVS Clamping Voltage Testing
PulsesForcing range for the lppMeasurement range for the Clamping Voltage
0.0kV - 6.2kV0.01mA - 110mA
Thermal Resistance Test For Transistors, Diodes, MOSFETs and IGBTs
Forcing VoltageForcing CurrentSensing CurrentPower dissipation timeDelay TimeMeasurement range
1 – 200V0.001 – 50A1 to 100mA
(1 to 400mA for ΔVCE)
300uS to 9.99s10 to 999uS0 – 999mV
Wafer Sort Capability
Manufacturer & ModelPackage TypeContact SitesTemperature range
EG40804-8” wafers, MLP; DFN; QFN; CSPMultiRoom temp
EG42004-8” wafers, MLP; DFN; QFN; CSPMultiRoom, hot and cold temp
Final Test Package Capability
Test Handlers
Manufacturer & ModelPackage TypeContact SitesTemperature range
MCT 5100MSOP/SOIC/TSSOP/DFNDual SiteRoom, hot temp
RASCO SO1000TMSOP/4X4 / 3X3 / 4X6Quad SiteRoom, hot and cold temp
RASCO SO2000TQSOP/SOICQuad SiteRoom, hot and cold temp
Test Handlers
Manufacturer & ModelPackage TypeContact SitesTemperature range
TESEC9512 (In-line Marking)TO-220 2L/3L
TO-247 2L/3L/4L
6 Sites index-parallelRoom temp
TESEC9718 (In-line marking and Tape and reel)SOT-223 / SOT23 3LSingleRoom temp
TAESUK THD-111TO-92SingleRoom temp
SHINJA JT100 / SHINJA ST400 (T&r)SOT-89SingleRoom temp
Test/Added Value Services
  • New Product Qualification
  • Test Yield Improvement
  • Test Datalog and Statistical Analysis
  • 24-hour Failure Analysis
  • We can expand our test capability on other analog/linear and mixed signal devices

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